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Core Nutritionals Launches Zone Berrylicious

By July 19, 2021July 22nd, 2021No Comments

Core Nutritionals is back, and this time they have a new flavor with one of our favorite nootropic supplements on the market. Yes, as the title states, Core Zone now comes in Berrylicious which is an obvious mixed berry type of flavor.

Core Zone recently came in just two flavors, those being Sour Candy and Arnold Palmer. Those taste well enough on their own, however a new flavor is long overdue for such an awesome product. 

Zone is a nootropic supplement meant to aid with focus, alertness, and productivity. It is currently our #1 ranked nootropic on our ranking guide, and has been there for quite some time. We certainly prefer it over a basic cup of coffee in the morning.

Of course, Core is bringing out an awesome launch deal, which is the usual. If you buy two tubs of Core Zone, one being Berrylicious, it will only cost you $80, and you get a free hair cup along with it. Not only that, but if you use coupon code INFORMANT, you save an additional 20% off, so thats a steal for 2 tubs.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news coming from Core Nutritionals, as we know they have plenty left in the tank for 2021.

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Final Takeaway

We love Core here on FI, and we can't wait to try this flavor out ourselves. Zone is a great option to start your day off, whether you have homework to do, work to get done, or simply want to feel energized. Even stacked with a pump product it makes for a great pre-workout. This deal is well worth grabbing.

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