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Core Nutritionals Launches CORE PEAK Pump Capsules

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Core Nutritionals Core Peak

Core Nutritionals has launched their first pump capsule product in CORE PEAK. CORE PEAK features four ingredients, all branded, designed to give the end user a better workout experience through improved and enhanced blood flow.

CORE PEAK features Arginine Nitrate (as NO3-T), VasoDrive-AP, PEAK ATP and CitraPeak in a fully disclosed, fully dosed formula. You can learn more about the formula here.

Core Nutritionals CORE PEAK is officially available via Core Nutritional's website.

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Final Takeaway

Like I mentioned in the reveal article, I love this convenient on-the-go fully dosed pump product from Core Nutritionals. If you are tired of drinking your pump product and just want to swallow a quick six capsules, this is a great choice!

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