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Core Nutritionals Launches Crush It Kids Multi-Vitamin

By March 14, 2022No Comments
Core Nutritionals Crush It Kids Multivitamin

Core Nutritionals is known for their quality products fulfilling the needs seen in the industry. Core Nutritionals saw a missing fulfillment for the need for a quality multi-vitamin formulated for children. Core Nutritionals launches their first ever children formulated product. Crush It Kids’ Multi is a chewable gummy multi-vitamin addressing the essential needs for children.  They are flavored with natural strawberry and orange flavoring. Per serving contains 4g of sugar. Dosing is ranged for 1-3 year olds with one gummy and 4+ year olds with two gummies. 

Core Nutritionals Crush It Kids’ Multi

Core Nutritionals Crush It Kids' Multi SFPChildren multi-vitamins are available, but let’s take a look at the generic commercialized children’s multi-vitamin on the market compared to Crush It Kids’ Multi. Many of the ingredients used in the generic children vitamins have poor bioavailability meaning they are poorly water-soluble and slowly absorbed in the GI tract without sufficient time to be absorbed. Many of the ingredients are often under-dosed as well. Core Nutritionals Crush It Kids’ Multi uses quality ingredients at adequate dosages. 

Core Nutritionals Crush It Kids’ Multi also contains Inositol, which many of the commercialized generic children’s vitamins do not. Studies show that inositol can enhance mood and aid in anxiety for children. Anxiety disorders are among the most common and functionally impairing mental health disorders that occur in children. This is an innovative add to this quality product. 

Core Nutritionals saw a need for a quality, adequately dosed multi-vitamin on the market and released the first kids formulated product on their brand. Core Nutritionals Crust It Kids’ Multi is having a deal for a bi-pack of Kids MULTI for $45. Use code INFORMANT to save 20%. 

Use code INFORMANT to save 20%.

Final Takeaway

As a parent, I am excited to see Core Nutritionals Crush It Kids' Multi released for our own one year and three year old girls. We are also excited to hopefully see this kids product line with Core Nutritionals grow. While it is known that many adults should take a quality Multi-vitamin, lets not forget about our children.  

A quality multi-vitamin can aid in their growth and development. With a background in the healthcare field, I know the importance of children getting the nutrients they need. While we all know the best way for children to get the nutrients they need is through a wide variety of foods, we also know that this can be difficult at times. We are excited to see this product launch from Core Nutritionals. 

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