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MuscleSport Brings Back Irish Cookie Shake Lean Whey

MuscleSport Irish Cookie Shake Lean Whey

McDonald's Shamrock Shake meets Cookies and Cream with the relaunch of MuscleSport's limited edition Irish Cookie Shake Lean Whey.

Irish Cookie Shake is available for a limited time as the brand made one run to celebrate the 2022 St. Paddy's Day holiday. Lean Whey is a combination of whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein isolate. Irish Cookie Shake has notes of McDonald's Shamrock Shake with real cookie bits in it.

MuscleSport recently reduced their price on Lean Whey to $47.99 for a 2 lb tub.

Final Takeaway

This is a tasty flavor from MuscleSport. I honestly have never had a bad Lean Whey flavor. The team over there does a great job of flavoring and mouth feel on their high quality isolate proteins.

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