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Core Nutritionals FLEX: Complete, Comprehensive Joint Formula

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Core FLEX Breakdown

Core Nutritionals is a company that time and time again introduces innovative formulas into an industry full of cookie cutter products. CEO Doug Miller created the brand behind the idea of offering fully transparent products at clinical dosages.

Core Nutritionals is coming off of a complete label rebrand alongside the reformulation of a few products. We are looking forward to the moves this brand makes throughout the rest of 2020.

Core Nutritionals FLEX

We are giving the rundown for Core FLEX by Core Nutritionals. This is a joint health supplement that any daily active person can hugely benefit from. Especially those who lift heavy and lift often.

Everyone knows that as you get older, your joints begin to disagree with you more often than not. Even while you are young and feeling healthy, it is important to ensure proper maintenance and care of the cartilage and soft tissue that surrounds your bones. Core Nutritionals brings to us a clinically dosed product that can help you do just that.

Core Nutritionals FLEX Ingredient Profile

Core Nutritionals FLEX is a fully transparent label featuring key ingredients at optimal dosages. We will go into each ingredient, what it does and how it should be properly dosed.

Core Nutritionals FLEX LabelGlucosamine Sulfate – 1,400mg

Glucosamine is an ingredient that is primarily sold as a joint health supplement. It is naturally occurring in the body; however, it is often used as a supplement in its sulfate form. The primary idea behind using glucosamine is to prevent or slow down joint degradation.

In a 2009 study, researchers sought to determine the effect glucosamine has on cartilage metabolism. Two study groups were assigned: A group of athletes (soccer players), and a control group of non-athletes. The experimental group of athletes were assigned either a 1500mg or 3000mg dose of glucosamine daily for 3 months. The result of the study was that the soccer players experienced an increase in cartilage metabolism after 3 months of supplementation compared to their baseline values before the experiment.

Glucosamine is not only used to prevent joint degradation (collagen synthesis), but also has a use for managing osteoarthritis pain. A meta-analysis found that when supplementing with glucosamine in the sulfate form, an overwhelming majority of patients experienced a small decrease in arthritis-related pain.

Research typically supports the use of glucosamine supplementation when used above the 1,000mg mark. However, clinical trials have shown that results and benefits from supplementation are highly dose dependent. We are getting 1,400mg here from Core FLEX.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) – 1,000mg

MSM is an organic chemical that is found in many green plants, animals and humans. It has become a popular natural source of pain relief, even though it is still lacking scientific literature supporting its use. It is often times used alongside Glucosamine in order to combat symptoms of osteoarthritis.

The main benefit from this ingredient is its ability to act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It has been shown to reduce pain and swelling for people with chronic osteoarthritis. One of the biggest benefits of MSM supplementation for fitness enthusiasts is its ability to improve joint mobility. A 2014 publication noted that with 6 grams daily supplementation of MSM for 26 weeks presented significant decreases in all subscales of the WOMAC (form of arthritis index) while also improving performance in daily activities.

Many of the studies performed on MSM use aggressive doses, as we see literature consistently using between 3 and 6 grams. Like glucosamine, MSM is largely dose dependent. Even though we are only getting 1000mg here, it is still enough to provide benefit.

Boswellia Extract (37% boswellic acid) – 800mg

Boswellia Extract comes from a gum resin that is extracted from the Boswellia Serrata tree. Boswellia trees also produce frankincense, which is probably familiar to most people as it is typically burned for its aromatic characteristics. This ingredient has many historical traditional medicinal uses including those from Ayurvedic, Chinese and several regions in the Middle East.

This extract is a beneficial addition to joint health formulas for its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory specifically targeting the joints. It has been shown to provide some pain relief, while also reducing inflammation and improving mobility.

One study found that the extract was successful at providing participants with anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and analgesic properties. This study was a randomized double-blind trial that consisted of 30 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. 15 participants were assigned the active drug and 15 assigned a placebo for a length of 8-weeks. Every single patient who received drug treatment had improved knee flexion, decrease in pain, and even increased walking distances. It is also to mention that the frequency of swelling in the joint decreased as well.

When supplementing using Boswellia Serrata Extract like we have in this product, it is recommended that you get around 2,000mg per day. We have 800mg per serving with Core FLEX.

Chondroitin Sulfate – 800mg

Chondroitin is a substance that is very similar in mechanism to glucosamine. These two ingredients are often times paired together during treatment of osteoarthritis for their ability to reduce pain and mobility.

There is not an overwhelming amount of literature to support the use of chondroitin alongside glucosamine, however many anecdotally support the combination. Several studies have actually undermined the use of these two drugs together, showing that there was no improvement over the placebo group during the experimental trials.

One meta-analysis states that while some research may show large benefit of the use of chondroitin as a treatment for osteoarthritis, it is likely that publication bias serves to exaggerate the significance of the results. However, the publication did further note that it is likely that there is some degree of efficacy to these studies which supports the use of the drug as a form of treatment.

We typically see supplementation starting with around 800mg of chondroitin. That is exactly how much we are getting here with this product.

Cissus Quadrangularis Extract – 800mg

This ingredient is a traditional medicine for joint and bone health that comes from the stem of a plant in the grape family. Its use is historically traced back to Ayurveda medicine (Traditional Indian) but also has been used in many locations around the world.

It has been used in several reliable and promising studies regarding joint health and regeneration. One of these studies was performed on athletes, which is not as common since most studies regarding joint health are performed on osteoarthritis patients. This study demonstrated the ability of Cissus Quadrangularis (CQ) supplementation to provide a form of joint relief in a group of 29 exercise-trained men who had previously reported joint pain. The WOMAC score in this study decreased an average of 31% from pre to post intervention.

If we see this ingredient dosed anywhere in the 400-600mg range we are happy. Core Nutritionals is giving us 800mg here.

Turmeric Extract (95% Curcumin) – 500mg

Turmeric is a root that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and has been known for a vast variety of different uses. Turmeric extract contains a bioactive compound known as curcumin which is standardized to 95% in this product. Curcumin is the component that provides the anti-inflammatory and pain benefits we are interested in.

Curcumin is the bioactive compound that inhibits the enzymes that synthesize anti-inflammatory compounds and increase levels of endogenous antioxidants. Research supports the ability of Curcumin to provide small to moderate improvements to pain and function in osteoarthritis patients, as well as aiding in depression and anxiety.

A 2014 study assigned 53 osteoarthritic knee patients 1,425mg of Curcumin daily alongside 15mg of Piperine extract (absorption agent) for a period of 6 weeks. The researchers found that at the end of the trial period, the experimental Curcumin group experienced significant decreases in their WOMAC score indicating joint health improvement. In addition, the participants of the experimental group also reported improvements in both their pain and physical function markers.

The study used Piperine extract because Curcumin has a poor absorption rate by itself. Core Nutritionals also chose to include Piperine extract in Core FLEX at 5mg. This will help ensure the Curcumin has a higher bioavailability.

Research suggests turmeric extract be taken in around 500mg doses alongside Piperine to assist with the absorption of Curcumin. Core Nutritionals gives us 500mg of Turmeric Extract alongside 5mg of Piperine which makes for a strong combo.

Bromelain – 400mg

This is an ingredient that is extracted from pineapples. It is a collection of protein-digestive enzymes that can be digested and have effects on the body outside of the digestive tract. Bromelain has been noted to improve recovery, cardiovascular health and also decrease inflammation markers.

It has been found that Bromelain is effective at reducing joint inflammation and pain in acute injuries. The study used both a 200mg and 400mg dose, with the results being dose dependent. It is also interesting to note that the studies performed on osteoarthritis patients warranted no benefit from supplementation. Many of the other ingredients included in this formula seemed to provide more relief for individuals battling chronic forms of joint pain, while Bromelain seems like it would be more beneficial to people who suffer acute joint damage (weightlifters).

We like seeing Bromelain dosed above 200mg. Studies have shown the best results coming from a 400mg daily dose. That is exactly what we are getting here.

Black Cherry Extract – 100mg

Cherries have been known for their health benefits for centuries. They are considered a superfood because of their high concentration of anthocyanin, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound.

Black cherry extract provides a rich source of polyphenols and Vitamin C, giving it anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is often times used as a part of joint formulas due to its ability to reduce inflammation and swelling around the joints. Consumption of these polyphenols also work to decrease measurable markers of oxidative stress, muscle soreness, and even blood pressure.

We are getting 100mg of Black cherry extract here with Core FLEX.

Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine) – 5mg

Black pepper extract is used to improve the uptake and usage of other ingredients and chemicals that are consumed alongside it.

As mentioned before, Turmeric (Curcumin) is almost always consumed alongside of Piperine since it essentially requires Piperine in order to be absorbed by the body.

We are getting 5mg of Black pepper extract here with Core FLEX which is a good dose.

Final Takeaway

Core Nutritionals has done it again. They brought to the table an innovative, fully-transparent joint health formula with clinical dosages. Every ingredient in this formula has scientific literature backing its use. The guys over at Core Nutritionals know what they are doing and it shows with this product.

The most important thing to note is joint health doesn’t improve over night. It is an ongoing process that takes time to develop and maintain. We suggest that it will take between 8 and 12 weeks of supplementation, so it might be smart to grab 2 or 3 bottles of this item. On the brighter side, Core FLEX offers the efficacy of 11 individual joint-support ingredients in an all-in-one blend, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your joint health.


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