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GHOST Gives First Look At GHOST Gamer

ghost gamer

What GHOST does well, is that they keep the public updated with what they have planned for the future. After months of teasing and talking in their “Building the Brand” series, we finally got a look at what GHOST Gamer is going to look like.

The tub has a cool looking design with a “glitched out” look. So far what we know, is that there will be multiple flavor collabs, as well as a “Peach Peach” flavor. Of course, the design given to us is going to be also shows that there will be a Blue Raspberry flavor.  

The profile has not been released yet, however we do know that it will contain NooLVL™, an ingredient from Nutrition21 that has been studied specifically for gamers. 

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Fitness Informant's POV

We really dig the tub designs of GHOST Gamer. The glitch part of the tub really differentiates it from the designs. We have been fortunate enough to have tried gamer, and we can honestly say it is quite enjoyable, and we love the profile. We're looking forward to see how to market responds to GHOST Gamer.

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