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Core Nutritionals Fury V2 Launches Into The Vitamin Shoppe

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Core Nutritionals Fury V2

Core Nutritionals is positioned to have their biggest year ever as a brand in 2023. In mid 2022 the announcement came that Core Nutritionals was going to be launching nationwide in over 700 Vitamin Shoppe locations (in addition to Doug Miller’s Arms Race Nutrition Brand). As part of that deal with The Vitamin Shoppe, they (The Vitamin Shoppe) received Core Nutritionals Fury V2 pre-workout exclusively for several months.

The new version of Core Nutritionals Core Fury V2 has been rolling out into stores before the anticipated launch date of January 1, 2023. Customers may find three different flavors of Core Fury V2 on shelf or online.

In 2020 Core Nutritionals Fury V1 took home the Fitness Informant pre-workout of the year. The original Fury contained 10mg of Pregnenalone, an ingredient we had not seen before in any pre-workout product. It was an expensive formula that deserved the title of PWOTY. The big question was, how would Doug Miller and the formulation team at Core Nutritionals follow-up the original Fury, and could they make it better? The answer is a resounding, “yes.” Yes they did.

Core Nutritionals Fury V2 Formula

Core Nutritionals Fury V2 SFP

Core Nutritionals Fury V2 Label

One of the biggest questions will be what did Core Nutritionals change from V1 to V2. We will cover that here as well as breakdown the formula for you as you debate whether or not you want to drop $55 on this 20-serving pre-workout (trust us when we say that it is worth the price tag).

Ingredients Removed from Fury V1 in Fury V2

As you would expect, Core Nutritionals had to remove several ingredients from Core Nutritionals Fury V1. The first ingredient removed was the 5g of Creatine Monohydrate found in V1. Our assumption it was removed to make room for new ingredients, cost and because most people supplement with creatine monohydrate independently and not in their pre-workout.

The second notable ingredient removed was 2g GlycerSize. Glycerol can cause products to clump, and unless it is dosed in the double-digits it really doesn’t have that much of an impact.

Another ingredient missing from V2 that was in V1 is Citicholine. Core Nutritionals had used 250mg of Citicoline in V1, but dropped it in V2. Don’t worry, the brand added other nootropics to more than make up for this.

Halostachine was removed at 100mg. We’re a fan of Halostachine, but it doesn’t always sit well with major retailers, so the removal made sense.

The last ingredient removed from V1 was 200mcg Huperzine-A. This, along with Citicoline may have been removed but Core Nutritionals has the mind-muscle connection covered in V2.

Ingredients Added in Fury V2

Now comes the fun part. With the removal of five ingredients from V1 to V2, what did the brand put into V2 to make up for it.

The first major addition was Citrapeak. Citrapeak is a fully soluble branded version of hesperidin. The benefits of Citrapeak is vasodialation. Core Nutritionls added 200mg which is the clinically studied level from Prinova.

V1 did not have Beta Alanine, an ingredient most are familiar with. Core Nutritionals added 3.2g of the key ingredient back into V2. Beta-Alanine has multiple studies showing its impact on muscle fatigue and endurance.

Senactiv, an ingredient from Nuliv Science, was also added at the clinical dosage of 50mg. Senactiv has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase endurance through more production of ATP (creatine does this as well). Senactiv was also shown to improve recovery by reducing inflammation and increasing muscle glycogen levels in one in-vivo and four human clinical trials. 

Core Nutritionals added in 2g Taurine. We do see this ingredient a lot. It can help mitigate the “negative” effects of caffeine but it is more-so for regulating endurance and improving overall output.

Fury V2 uses 400mg of Albion Potassium Glycinate Complex. This can aid in hydration. In addition to Albion Potassium Glycinate Complex, Core adds in 250mg of Sea Salt for water retention.

One of the key additions to V2 from V1 was Alpha-GPC at 300mg. Alpha-GPC is a choline molecule that can cross the blood brain barrier. Alpha-GPC is a very effective choline molecule that increase acetylcholine in the body. This helps improve memory, mood and focus.

Cocoabuterol was added at 100mg. This can aid in increasing body temperature and may aid in focus.

The last two ingredients added to Fury V2 were different versions of caffeine. In Fury V1 users got 375mg Caffeine Anhydrous. In Core Nutritionals Fury V2, users get 250mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 150mg Caffeine Citrate (yields 75mg caffeine) and 100mg zumXR (yields 70mg caffeine) for a total of 395mg caffeine. Yes, there’s more caffeine, but there’s no Halostachine.

Same Ingredients in Core Nutritionals Core Fury V1 and V2

The brand removed five ingredients from V1, but added in nine ingredients to V2. However, Core Nutritionals didn’t change everything. Several of the great ingredients used in Fury V1 are back in Fury V2.

Citrulline is still in V2 at 6g. This increases blood flow producing a fuller pump. On the category of pump, VasoDrive-AP is still found in Fury V2 at 254mg.

Core Nutritionals kept the 2.5g dosage of Betaine Anhydrous in V2. This helps with strength and power output.

Tyrosine is still found at 2g in Core Fury V2. This aids with focus and memory.

Lastly, Pregnenolone is still used at 10mg. This key ingredient can aid in focus at dosages around 10mg.

Core Nutritionals Fury V2 Availability

Core Nutritionals new Core Fury V2 is currently available at The Vitamin Shoppe in three flavors. Users can buy Strawberry Colada, Tropic Thunder or Black Lightening online or in-stores. Core Nutritionals Core Fury V2 retails for $54.99 for 20-servings. However, after using this several times, and the formulation on paper, the cost seem justified.

The Vitamin Shoppe does offer pickup in store and free shipping over $25.

Final Takeaway

I saw previews of this formula throughout the process and I love what Doug decided to go with. The changes made were good changes that allowed the brand to use some money savings into other key ingredients like CitraPeak, Senactiv and Alpha-GPC. I have used this for the better part of a week now [as of this writing] and I am a fan. Full review will come in time, but if you're looking for a new pre-workout - this is a great choice.

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