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Core Nutritionals Life Line GUT: Bring Your Gut To Life

Core Nutritionals is a brand that many hold in high regard. They are known for their loaded formulas, flavoring, efficacious dosages, and simply being a great brand all around. They are certainly regarded as one of the best brands when it comes to sports nutrition. 

Recently, Core Nutritionals launched a new line of supplements. The new line is called Life Line, which is more geared towards health and wellness, instead of performance at the gym. In an industry filled with over-caffeinated pre-workouts, overhyped fat burners, and sketchy fat burners, Core is here to remind you that you are human, and you need to take care of yourself.

Today we are looking at GUT, which of course is meant to aid with digestive health. Digestion is a big topic these days, with many even calling your digestive system your “second brain”. Keeping your gut healthy has a lot of benefits, so let’s take a look at how Core GUT may help!

Ingredient Profile



GUT starts off with 30 Billion CFUs of probiotics. What are probiotics? Well they are actually bacteria that live in your gut that are essential for your health. You get 30 Billion CFUs, which stands for “colony forming unit”. It is a measurement of probiotics. 30 Billion isn’t the highest we have seen on the market, however is certainly not on the lower end. You can find doses anywhere from 1 Billion CFU, all the way up to 400 Billion CFU. You’re getting a nice daily dose in here. 

GUT has a variety of different strains, and they do a great job at explaining what each one does. To keep it simple, there are Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Saccharomyces.

You get 8.5 Billion CFU of Bifido, 16.5 Billion of Lactobacillus, and 5 Billion of Saccharomyces. GUT is also transparent with each strain, which is great to see.

Tributyrin (CoreBiome) – 1000mg

Now we have CoreBiome, which is Tributyrin. Butyrin is a short-chain fatty acid that helps with gut health. Butyrin on its own gets absorbed in the stomach, which means it never really reaches the colon. One way to get butyrin in the colon is to eat a healthy amount of fiber.

Well Compound Solutions has Tributyrin, which is a form that actually reaches your colon, and helps create an optimal environment for your healthy gut bacteria to flourish. 

The lack of butyrin in your colon can actually cause GI distress, so it is interesting to see how different brands are targeting gut health, instead of just selling you the same old enzymes and probiotics.

At 1 gram at a 30% standardization, you are getting a solid dose. 

Sunfiber Guar Fiber – 1000mg

Fiber intake is one of the first aspects to gut health that people should take a look at if they are having digestive issues. Well Core has taken that into consideration. The next ingredient is Sunfiber, which is a patented form of fiber.

Fiber helps create an optimal environment for probiotics to flourish, and helps keep you regular. Sunfiber is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless high quality form of fiber. 

Really there are so many benefits to fiber, and getting some in here is great.  

Digestive Enzyme Blend – 150mg

Finally we have digestive enzymes. Enzymes break down your food, and are essential to your digestive health. Without enzymes, you simply don’t break down food. 

This blend gives you 150mg of protease, lactase, amylase, and lipase. 

Final Takeaway

Core Nutritionals really knows what they’re doing when it comes to health products. If a brand can put together well-dosed sports nutrition products, you know they are going to do their due diligence in the health and wellness category. 

Life Line GUT is more than just a simple probiotic and enzyme blend. You get great doses of both, however also get some prebiotic fiber to help create an environment for your gut bacteria to thrive. We have to say this, you should be buying this over any pre-workout supplement or fat burner out there.

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