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GHOST X Maxx Chewning Legend and Pump Available Now

GHOST X Maxx Chewning

Another collaboration between GHOST and Maxx Chewning has arrived. GHOST has teamed up with Maxx Chewning to launch a variation of Legend in two flavors, featuring an altered profile, and Pump featuring the same profile but two different flavors. 

Both Legend and Pump will be available in Sour Pink Lemonade and Mango Margarita. Legend has a slight formula change we broke down here. Pump will keep the same stock formula.

This is a limited edition run.

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Final Takeaway

GHOST and Maxx Chewning have a great relationship. We saw a collaboration last year in Q4 that featured Sour Pink Lemonade, which happens to be one of the best flavors they have ever launched in our opinion. I was slightly surprised they didn't alter the Pump formula, but then again it is pretty damn good, changes are not necessary. I like the slight tweak to Legend. I am looking forward to trying these.

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