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GHOST X Maxx Chewning Updated Legend Coming Soon

GHOST X Maxx Chewning Legend

GHOST and Maxx Chewning at back at it again with a new variated version of GHOST Legend. The brand announced via their social media channel, as well as Maxx’s channel, that GHOST X Maxx Chewning Legend will be coming soon featuring a variated formula in two flavor variations.

In addition to the GHOST X Maxx Chewning Legend launch, GHOST will also be launching a GHOST X Maxx Chewning Pump, however that will not feature a variated formula. The new GHOST X Maxx Chewning Legend features a slight change in formula versus the stock Legend.

GHOST X Maxx Chewning LegendThe GHOST X Maxx Chewning has two slight formula variations that may give the user a totally different experience than the stock version of Legend. First, the GHOST X Maxx Chewning formula swaps out Senactiv for VasoDrive-AP. VasoDrive-AP has been a standard in Maxx Chewning’s collaborations with GHOST. VasoDrive-AP is dosed at 254mg. This will aid in increasing pumps. The other change is the GHOST removed Rauwaolfia Root Extract and added in NeuroFactor at 100mg. This will aid in improved focus. The rest of the formula remains the same as the stock Legend.

There has not been an ETA announced for the new GHOST X Maxx Chewning collaboration, but stay tuned to FI for more details. Those who have access to GHOST’s app tend to get access to launches sooner than those who don’t.


Final Takeaway

This won't be drastically different from the stock Legend. You will most likely experience fuller pumps and better focus overall, but both variations are effective. The big thing here again are the new flavors. Sour Pink Lemonade is a Maxx staple and Maxx loves Mango Margaritas. We should be getting these in shortly to try and give you all our feedback.

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