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GHOST X Maxx Chewning Announce New Pump Collaboration

GHOST X Maxx Chewning Pump

GHOST and GHOST athlete Maxx Chewning at back at it again with the announcement of a new GHOST X Maxx Chewning Pump collaboration. This version of the collaboration will feature two limited flavors. The new GHOST X Maxx Chewning Pump will be available in a 40/20 serving in both Mango Margarita and Sour Pink Lemonade flavors.

GHOST X Maxx Chewning Pump LabelThe collaboration between GHOST and Maxx Chewning on the pump product will feature the stock formula you can find in any other flavor of GHOST Pump. Users, per 2-scoops, will get 6g Citrulline, 3g Arginine Nitrate as NO3-T, 2g Taurine, 390mg PureWay-C. 200mg Pine Bark Extract, 200mg Setria (Glutathione) and 50mg Astragin.

The new GHOST X Maxx Chewning Pump product will be an add-on product to the new GHOST X Maxx Chewning Legend (pre-workout) product that is also going to be released alongside this new pump collaboration. The new GHOST X Maxx Chewning Legend will feature these two flavors but will also feature a variated formula.

No ETA on launch yet, but users using the GHOST app typically get access to product launches before others.

Final Takeaway

I dig these athlete collabs by GHOST. It makes the athlete feel special, gives them an opportunity to come out with unique flavors without large-scale commitments and lastly, they are authentic. If you watch Maxx's channel you know he is a huge fan of Mango Margarita, and he has Sour Strips which features a Sour Pink Lemonade flavor.

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