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Core Nutritionals POST: A Post-Workout To Match Your Grueling Workouts

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Core Nutritionals is one of those brands that really delivers when it comes to formulas. Not only did they win Pre-workout of the Year for 2020 for their powerful Fury pre-workout, they also seem to have a products for many situations. For example, not only do they have a protein powder, they also have a Meal Replacement powder called Core MRP, as well as a Whey Protein blend called Core PRO, as well as a Whey Protein Isolate product. This goes for their weight management products, as they have BLAZE, BURN, SHRED, and SEAR.

Well today, we are going to do a little bit of a deep dive on Core POST, which is post-workout supplement meant to aid with Recovery. It is actually quite a loaded profile, and while some look at it as a simple protein powder with some carbs added, we have to say that there is a LOT more in POST than just protein.

With all of that said, let’s take a look at what POST contains and let you know why you may want to consider it for your post-workout stack.

Ingredient Profile

We’re going to take a look at the macronutrient profile first and what it contains. 

core postFor starters, you get 0 grams of fat. This is already good, especially post-workout when fats should be limited to not slow down the absorption of other nutrients. Following this you get 36 grams of carbohydrates, which comes from Dextrose and Cluster Dextrin. Dextrose is a very fast digesting carb, and is common in post-workout supplements, and is an easy and affordable way to spike your insulin post-workout. Cluster Dextrin on the other hand is a high-quality carb source, that is used because it digests fast, is easy on the stomach, and does NOT spike your insulin levels. It is not a cheap ingredient and it is a great addition. Most of the carbs come from Dextrose, which is why there are 21 grams of sugar in POST. If you are going to take sugar at any time, post-workout is the best time.

Finally we have the protein, which comes from Whey Protein Isolate (WPI). WPI is a filtered form of whey protein, and is lower in fat and carbs. It is one of the fastest digesting sources of protein, and has a high bioavailability. Some people argue that WPI is more denatured than WPC, however Core being who they are, went ahead and used cold-processed microfiltered non-GMO WPI, so the denaturing is minimal and still easily digestible.

Now those are the macros, and they are amazing. Not only do you get no fat in POST, you also get a high quality source of carbohydrates, as well as a high quality source of protein. Now let’s take a look at what else makes POST so special, as it is much more than just protein, carbs, and no fats.

Fermented Vegan L-Leucine – 5g

To get this out of the way now, we have to mention that the 5 grams of L-Leucine are NOT part of the 24 grams of protein we spoke about above. It is a free-form amino that has been ADDED to POST.

With that out of the way, let’s look at why Leucine has been added. Leucine is a BCAA (branched chain amino acid), and is known for its recovery benefits. Leucine is known for spiking MPS (muscle protein synthesis), and it has some studies showing it to be beneficial for recovery purposes.

Core Nutritionals uses Fermented Vegan L-Leucine, which is cool, as most sources of Leucine are made from either duck feathers or human hair. 

Velositol® – 2000mg

Next up we have Velositol at 2 grams. This is an ingredient from Nutrition21, the same people who brought you NooLVL® and Nitrosigine®. Velositol is a blend of chromium and amylopectin. 

Velositol is a patented ingredient, and you will find it in protein powders. It has been studied to significantly increase MPS, and can aid with muscle growth, recovery, and lean body mass. 

At 2 grams, you are getting a clinical dose. 

VitaCherry® Sport – 480mg

Now we come to probably our favorite ingredient in Core POST. VitaCherry® is a trademarked form of Tart Cherry, and is from FutureCeuticals, the same people who brought Spectra to the market. 

To put it simply, VitaCherry provides antioxidants that help with inflammation, and it can aid with muscle recovery and aid with soreness. Certainly a powerful ingredient and we love the addition of it in Core POST. At 480mg, you’re getting a solid dose.

BioPerine® – 10mg

Finally we have BioPerine, which is one of the most popular ingredients on the market. It is Black Pepper extract, which is a source of Piperine. 

BioPerine may help with the absorption of some ingredients, which just shows that Core Nutrtionals focuses on the little things!

Final Takeaway

Core POST is probably one of the most loaded post-workout supplements out there. Many brands will simply sell you a WPI with some sugar added to it, without adding anything to really make it worth your money. 

Well with POST, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product that will help you recover faster from even your most grueling workouts. With VitaCherry, you get increased muscle recovery and reduced soreness. With Velositol, you get 2x the MPS. With Cluster Dextrin, you get fast digesting carbs that are easy on the stomach. 

Easily one of the most well-thought out post-workouts on the market, and well worth trying out if you want something strictly for that. 

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