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Glaxon Launching New Improved Xeno Flavors and Formula

Glaxon Xeno

Glaxon is back on the innovation train with the announcement that they will be improving Xeno. The brand announced that Xeno will receive new flavors and a new upgraded formula.

A representative for Glaxon confirmed that Xeno will have added ingredients to the current in-market formula that aids in muscle growth and recovery. The same representative also confirms that the flavor technology behind Xeno has been improved.

Three new flavors, Gummy Watermelon, Homemade Lemonade and Sour Berries will also be part of the new launch.

We are being told this is launching "very soon." Expect to see these on Glaxon's website within the month.

Final Takeaway

To be perfectly honest I thought Xeno could use a flavor upgrade. This is nice to see, but what is even more nice to see is that it is not just a flavor upgrade and addition, but a formula upgrade. Muscle recovery is so important. We are excited to see what Glaxon brings to market with this upgrade.

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