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Core Nutritionals Launches High Protein Pudding Mix Called Pudd’n

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Core Nutritionals Pudd'n

Core Nutritionals has officially launched their high protein pudding mix Pudd’n. Pudd’n from Core Nutritionals will be available in three flavors with real inclusions in each flavor.

Pudd’n will be available in Cookie Dough ‘N Cream, Rocky Road and Fluffernilla.

Core Nutritionals Pudd’n Formula

Core Nutritionals Pudd'n SFPCore Nutritionals Pudd’n features a protein blend designed for fast and slow digesting proteins. The formulas starts with 11.11g Micellar Casein protein which yields 10g protein. This is a high quality, slow digesting protein that feeds the body over the course of 8-hours. It also helps with pudding thickness and mouthfeel. Core Nutritionals also uses 6.25g (yielding 5g) of Whey Protein Concentrate. In addition, Pudd’n features another 5.5g of Whey Protein Isolate yielding 5g of protein. That is a total of 20g protein per serving.

The formula also features coconut oil creamer, DigeSEB digestive enzymes and real inclusions like cookie pieces and marshmallows.

Core Nutritionals Pudd’n isn’t the first high protein pudding mix to launch, but it is the first to include real inclusions.

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Final Takeaway

A lot of people have made sludge before. Doug Miller, CEO of Core Nutritionals, loves sludge so much he created a product for it. This will help a lot of people steer away from the high sugar, high carb desert at night and elect to go high protein deliciousness of Core Nutritionals Pudd'n. Once we get this at HQ we will bring you flavor reviews and taste tests. 

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