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First Look At New Core Nutritionals PRO

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Once again, here we are talking about how Core Nutritionals. They have seemed to take over our website in recent months, and it’s mainly because they are making more moves than anyone else in the industry right now. 

Core has given us a sneak peak at their new Core PRO, which is set to launch in less than 2 weeks. This new version of Core PRO will have new flavors, including a Fruity Cereal flavor which you see above. 

Core PRO is a protein blend, meaning it has multiple sources of protein for a sustained released of amino acids. The new version of PRO will have a transparent protein blend, which is a great thing to see, as other reputable brands have been doing the same in recent years. 

Be sure to stay tuned, as Core will be having an EPIC launch deal that we will share with you guys next week. If you go by what Core Nutritionals has been doing in recent months, you know the new flavors are going to be a hit. 

Final Takeaway

What can we say... Core is killing it this year. Not only have they updated their look to look a lot "cooler", they have also released a slew of products that we can't help but gawk at. We can't wait to share the launch deal, so stay tuned, as we promise, it will be worth stocking up on.

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