MuscleForce To Launch Limited Edition Versions On Their Pre-Workout Lineup

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MuscleForce has just launched/announced a new limited edition version for their pre-workout lineup. To start this off, these limited edition pre-workouts will come in a special Blue Freeze flavor, which we have been told is similar to a blue snow cone. This comes just weeks after their “Summer Flavor” launch, which we enjoyed here on FI.

Right now, these are set to be released next week, however Defiant Unleashed is already available. Defiant Unleashed is their high-stim pre-workout that is a bit too strong for us. The new version will has some interesting changes, such as opting for Tyrosine as opposed to NALT (a good switch in our eyes), including NooPept, and even including a high dose of Theanine to combat the high amount of stimulants. Below is the label of the profile. defiant unleashedWhile Defiant Unleashed is certainly a high-stim pre-workout that is not for everybody (we don’t even recommend it), rest assured that next week, Defiant and Obedient X3 will be available. Be sure to tune in next week to go over the differences If you decide to pick these pre-workouts, feel free to use our coupon code “INFORMANT” to save 15%.

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Final Takeaway

This is a pretty cool launch. While we are not sure what Blue Freeze will taste like, we can safely assume it will be more than a boring blue raspberry flavor. With how much we enjoyed the Summer flavors, we are looking forward to trying it ourselves next week,

We like some of the changes in the profiles, and we are currently breaking down the new profiles of Defiant and Obedient for you for next week's launch... so stay tuned!

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