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FIt Butters Launches Boston Cream Pie

FIt Butters Boston Cream Pie

An flavor idea that stemmed from the COVID pandemic, and Barstool Sports desire to help small business, has finally come to fruition. FIt Butters pitched the idea of Boston Cream Pie in partnership with the Barstool Fund in 2021, but it never made it past the idea/pitch stage. Although the partnership with Barstool Sports did not happen, FIt Butters has finally launched their Boston Cream Pie flavor.

Boston Cream Pie Cashew Peanut Butter from FIt Butters features a blend of dry roasted cashews and peanuts, a custard flavored whey protein isolate, coconut oil, Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips and pie chips. 

FIt Butters Boston Cream Pie cashew peanut butter is a limited time offering. 

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Final Takeaway

So happy I was finally able to launch this. A lot of early great reviews on this flavor. This one is different in the fact we use the very unique nut blend of cashew and peanuts, and the custard flavored whey protein isolate adds a unique twist to the base. Go try it now and let us know what you think!

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