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Glaxon Launches Authentic PEZ Candy Collaboration in Grape and Lemon

GLAXON X Pez Candy

Glaxon's has just launched one of the biggest collaborations in the industry. Surely it is Glaxon's biggest collaboration ever, and the biggest launch in the brand's history. Glaxon X PEZ Candy, in lemon and grape flavors, is officially available in six different products.

Glaxon has done collaborations in the past, but none as big as the iconic PEZ Candy. The brand is launching two versions of pre-workout, Specimen Max and Specimen Genesis, both in the authentic PEZ Candy lemon flavor. They are also launching Plasm Surge in this same flavor for stacking reasons.

Glaxon decided to use the PEZ Candy authentic grape flavor in three non-preworkout category products. Glaxon X PEZ Candy grape is now available in their popular non-stimulant fat burner, Thermal; their hydration product, Astrolyte; and their creatine product, Electro Creatine.

Each container contains a 3-pack of real PEZ Candy in the flavor of the product.

Glaxon X PEZ Candy is a nationwide launch with no exclusivity for any retailer.

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Final Takeaway

This was a killer collaboration by Glaxon, and honestly on-brand. PEZ has always been quirky and unique, just like Glaxon. The lemon flavor is more of a sweet lemon candy flavor, exactly like the candy. The grape flavor, a flavor I normally do not like, is amazing. It is a candy grape, authentically PEZ, but it is amazing. This is a collab that if you have the feels (we have PEZ dispensers all around our home) you need to get on it!

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