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Glaxon X Pink Lady Astrolyte Coming On G-Day

By November 9, 2023No Comments
Glaxon Astrolyte X Pink Lady

Glaxon is expanding their partnership with Pink Lady Apples to bring the iconic flavor to their hydration product Astrolyte. The new Glaxon X Pink Lady Astrolyte will go live on Glaxon's birthday, 11/11, also known as G-Day.

The formula of Astrolyte will remain the same. The flavor is slightly different from the greens variation due to the formula differences, however this one is more "spot on" Pink Lady than the Super Greens.

There's no word if Glaxon is bringing Pink Lady to more SKUs in the future, but for now users can get the flavor in both Super Greens and Astrolyte.

Glaxon X Pink Lady Astrolyte will be available on Glaxon's website on 11/11.

Final Takeaway

This is a GREAT apple flavor. Do not think apple juice - think more apple off the tree flavor. The slight saltiness from the Astrolyte formula is a nice compliment to this flavor. We just got our tub last week and it is almost gone!

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