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FIt Butters Pumpkin Pie and Caramel Apple Fall Flavors

By September 12, 2023No Comments
FIt Butters Fall Flavors

It is officially fall for FIt Butters. FIt Butters has launched their Fall 2023 flavors. FIt Butters Pumpkin Pie vegan cashew butter and Caramel Apple vegan peanut butter are officially available.

Pumpkin Pie cashew butter was launched by FIt Butters in 2021. FIt Butters changed the flavor profile and made this one vegan. FIt Butters uses a vegan pumpkin pie flavored protein with fluffy mini marshmallows giving you that delicious pumpkin pie filling flavor.

Caramel Apple peanut butter is new to the brand. FIt Butters had a Caramel Apple Pie in the past, but this one is very different. Think caramel covered green apple. FIt Butter's Caramel Apple peanut butter is also vegan. To top it off FIt Butters adds freeze dried apples on top.

Both flavors are available now for a very limited time.

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Final Takeaway

Love the new Pumpkin Pie versus our 2021 version. It is so much better. Caramel Apple is a very unique, amazing flavor that early reviews are raving about it. I am excited to get these out to you all! Let us know what you think!

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