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5% Nutrition Launches All Day You May Legendary Series

5% Nutrition is here to remind us that they are still around, and have plenty of product launches. Well today we have a nice one from them.

As the title states, 5% has officially launched a new version of their All Day You May product as part of their “Legendary Series”. 

All Day You May is an EAA supplement, and you get 6 grams of BCAAs to start. These are beneficial for jumpstarting MPS (especially Leucine), and at 6 grams you’re getting a standard dose. You also get a blend of Glutamine and Carnitine Tartrate, which may aid with recovery. After this comes the Amino Acid Support Blend, which starts off with Taurine, an amino acid that can help with hydration and blood flow. You also get Bromelain which is anti-inflammatory, as well as some antioxidants from Blueberry Powder.

Next up comes the Intra-Cellular Buffer Blend, which consists of Beta-Alanine, Dicalcium Phosphate, and Sodium Bicarbonate. Following this comes the Joint and Liver Support blend, which contains Glucosamine, MSM, and Milk Thistle. Glucosamine and MSM are popular for joint health, and Milk Thistle is usually the first ingredient people think of for liver health. Rounding this out comes the other EAAs.

This is now currently available on the 5% website, and you can use INFORMANT to save 10% off of your purchase. We also have news that more flavors are coming for this next month, so 5% is still here kicking, which is nice to see.

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Final Takeaway

Well 5% is still around kicking it. While not our favorite amino acid product out there, it should have some recovery and hydration benefits, especially with the Taurine and electrolytes. We have to mention that wed like to see more EAAs, as 205mg total is nowhere near enough to provide any benefit. Other than that, it should deliver the same good taste, and we can't wait for that Push Pop flavor to launch!

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