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Launch Date For GHOST SPK Pineapple Revealed

We’re not even a week into the Oreo launch, and GHOST is dropping yet ANOTHER bomb on us. As the title states, GHOST is launching an authentic Sour Patch Kids collaboration for Pineapple.

We already have Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Redberry… well now we get Pineapple! This comes out of nowhere, as we thought they’d cool it down after Oreo, which was the biggest drop we’ve ever seen in this industry.

The launch date is set for July 18th, which is this upcoming Sunday. Quite rare to see a Sunday launch, but apparently it’s national candy day or something.

Pineapple is officially coming to both Legend and BCAA, and gives people a solid tropical option. Be sure to head on over to our IG to see one of our famous “One Sip” reviews.

Final Takeaway

Nice launch from GHOST. They seriously are already a top contender for brand of the year, and honestly there are few brands that can actually hold a candle to them at this point. How can you go from dropping such a HUGE flavor in Oreo, then the following week drop another banger for two of your products.

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