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GHOST Gamer To Get SPK Blue Raspberry

Well this is some cool news coming from the popular brand. As the title states, GHOST Gamer will be getting a new flavor, and it’s one that is already widely popular.

SPK Blue Raspberry is the next flavor to be added to the Gamer line. It is already available for their BCAAs as well as their energy drinks, and now the popular flavor is getting more love. 

GHOST Gamer is a nootropic supplement made to help gamers perform better. It can also be used as a nootropic supplement to help with productivity, alertness, and focus. It is growing in popularity, and will certainly gain even more attention after this launch.

No set launch date yet, so be sure to stay tuned for more info on this drop.

Final Takeaway

Well it was only a matter of time. GHOST seems to get more hype with any launch than many other brands do, which probably has a lot to do with their collabs. We can wait to try this one out for ourselves!

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