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USN Weight Loss Collagen To Get White Peach Flavor

USN is back, and for a brand that has some great flavoring, we now have a new flavor that simply sounds awesome. The new flavor of course, is White Peach.

While there are plenty of peach flavors out there, we have never seen a White Peach, so how they approach it will be interesting. 

USN Weight Loss Collagen is a Collagen supplement meant to aid with skin and joint health, while also having fat loss ingredients to help. It is a “first-of-its-kind” product, as there exists no equivalent to our knowledge.

The product should be available early next week, so stay tuned for an announcement, as well as anymore news from USN.

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Final Takeaway

Say what you want about Collagen and fat loss products... a White Peach flavor!? With many brands going for a candy peach flavor these days, as well as a few that go for a natural peach, we really hope this turns out to be a the natural kind, as White Peaches are delicious.

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