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GHOST To Launch Bubblicious Energy

GHOST certainly knows how to build excitement, and this year they have done it. Not only are they building hype with their upcoming CG collaboration, now they have another collab to get excited about. GHOST has announced that they will be launching a new flavor of GHOST Energy, and that flavor is actually one of our favorites. 

As the title states, Bubblicious is the new flavor coming to the GHOST Energy line, and it will be launching in the near future. This is some great news, as Energy is currently our #1 rated Energy drink, and it is already in our opinion the best tasting energy drink on the market as well.

GHOST Energy is more than your average energy drink Where as many energy drinks are simply 150mg-300mg of Caffeine with underdosed Taurine,  GHOST delivers a bit more. You get 200mg of Caffeine, which is on the lower end these days yet still more than enough for energy, as well as solid doses of LCLT, Neurofactor, Alpha GPC, and Taurine. Everything is dosed well, especially for an energy drink, and that is why we like it.

No exact launch dat soon, however it should be in the near future. Stay tuned for more info on the launch, as well as more exciting news from GHOST.

Final Takeaway

This is simply awesome. Currently our favorite flavor of GHOST Lebend, and now we have it coming to their Energy line. There is no way GHOST doesn't hit this one out of the park. Expect us to take one sip and give you our honest feedback soon.

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