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GHOST Reveals New CG Focus Profile

Well we just went over the profile for the upcoming Christian Guzman Legend collaboration with GHOST. Well, now we’re going to take a look at their upcoming Non-Stim Nootropic called Focus. Pre-workout isn’t new to GHOST, neither is the upcoming CG Whey, however Focus is GHOST’s first dive into the Stim-Free Nootropic game.

The first ingredient is Acetyl-L-Carnitine at 2 grams, which is a form of Carnitine that crosses the blood-brain barrier very well and is great as a nootropic. Many think of it as a fat loss ingredient, we see it more as a nootropic ingredient ourselves. Following this you get Tyrosine at 1.5 grams. Tyrosine is a common ingredient in nootropics, and it is great to see in here at that dose. You also get 1 gram of Taurine, which is good for blood flow, hydration, and can even help calm you down.

Following this comes an interesting combo. You get both Alpha GPC AND Citicholine. This is very interesting as brands go with one of the other. Or if they do combine the, they lower the dose of each. Not here, you get great doses of each, with Alpha GPC at 600mg, and Citicholine at 500mg. Very interesting to see and we wonder how this will turn out. 

The formula ends with Aquamin™, Raw Coconut Water Powder, and AstraGin®. The Aquamin and Raw Coconut Powder are there to help with hydration, and the AstraGin may help with absorption. Certainly three nice ingredients to be included.

Overall the profile looks solid, and it will be interesting to see how the massive dose of Choline will turn out. Focus will be launching alongside the CG protein, as well as Legend. While we do not have a set date, just know it will be launching VERY soon.

Be sure to stay tuned for an in-depth look at Focus, as well as more news coming from GHOST and many other brands.

Final Takeaway

This is one cool launch, and we like how they are diving into the Non-Stim Nootropic market. They did tease this a long time ago on one of their videos, but it is cool they are launching it with their most popular athlete Christian Guzman. We can't wait to try this out ourselves.

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