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GHOST Announces Revamped Burn Formula and Flavors

By February 15, 2024No Comments
Ghost Burn

GHOST has solidified themselves amongst those in the top of the supplement industry, and for good reason. Between unique flavor collaborations, quality products, and attention to detail, GHOST never fails to provide a memorable user experience.

GHOST's highly popular fat loss product, Burn, has been a staple in the GHOST lineup for quite some time. However, Burn's formula recently underwent a few notable upgrades that takes this formula to the next level. These include:

  1. 20 additional servings
  2. 500mg L-Tyrosine (up from 250mg in previous Burn Formula)
  3. 250mg MitoBurn (new ingredient)
  4. 150mg Natural Caffeine (swapped out from 150mg caffeine anhydrous)
  5. 65mg CapsiAtra (new ingredient)

Burn V2 certainly packs even more quality in an already well-rounded thermogenic formula. The new Burn formula is slated to launch in the US and Australia 2/21/24 and in GNC 2/22/24. Burn will be available in two new flavors, Guava Berry and Kiwi Strawberry.

Final Takeaway

There's a lot to like about GHOST's new Burn formula. While the original Burn formula is already loaded across the board, this revamped formula takes things to the next level. It's loaded with ingredients designed to enhance thermogenesis, which serves as a highly beneficial tool for weight loss. But what's new with Ghost? They never fail to listen to customer feedback and create an enjoyable user experience. I am beyond excited to give this a go!

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