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GHOST Launches Cherry Limeade Legend All Out

GHOST Legend All Out Cherry Limeade

GHOST adds yet another flavor to their growing flavors on their Legend All Out pre-workout line. GHOST added Cherry Limeade as an option on the 20-serving powerhouse pre-workout GHOST Legend All Out.

GHOST also has a Sonic Cherry Limeade license, but it is not global. This means that GHOST can only use the flavor in the US. GHOST elected to go with Cherry Limeade to allow the brand to sell GHOST Legend All Out Cherry Limeade to the Australia and New Zealand markets.

GHOST Legend All Out is our top ranked pre-workout featuring 400mg caffeine (from two sources), 600mg Alpha GPC, 6g Citrulline, 2g Tyrosine and more performance improving ingredients.

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Final Takeaway

A great formula with a great flavor profile. GHOST, I believe, has done the best job out of all brands with their flavor expansion game. This flavor profile is great if you're a Cherry Limeade fan. You can see our One Sip Review over at our official Instagram page (@FitnessInformant).

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