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MuscleSport Keeps Up the Summer Spirit with Two Lean Whey Flavors

FIt Butters

MuscleSport keeps heating up the summer with launching two more Lean Whey Flavors. With launching Patriot Cake Lean Whey, and Apple Pie a la Mode earlier this month. They End off July by rereleasing their limited-edition summer favorites Pistachio Ice Cream and Orange Creamsicle.

Pistachio Ice Cream has grown to be a popular flavor for MuscleSport as you find it in their popular Lean Whey, but also just launched in their Collagen Powder as well.

Orange Creamsicle has always been a staple limited-edition flavor for Muscle Sport taking the childhood favorite ice cream bar and putting it in a protein powder.

As summer moves along these two Lean Whey flavors add to their already released flavor Toasted Almond in their "The Summer Scoops" lineup. Be on the lookout as they have also teased via their Instagram for Rocky Road to be released before the end of summer to finish up the line up.

Final Takeaway

MuscleSport  has always impressed me with the Lean Whey flavors I've had the chance to try, including their Apple Pie la Mode. I have yet to try either one of these limited release flavors, but I expect nothing but the best as Lean Whey has always been one of my go to proteins when it comes to flavor!

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