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GHOST Launches GHOST Energy X Bubblicous Cotton Candy

FIt Butters
GHOST Bubblicous Cotton Candy Energy

The newest flavor of GHOST Energy is here. GHOST Energy X Bubblicious Cotton Candy has officially launched via the GHOST App and their "Secure A Can" promotion. From 12pm-1pm users can try to secure a can online of the newest flavor.

The new collaboration between GHOST and Bubblicious will also be available at national Kroger stores, and their affiliates, as well as GNC locations only. Per online teasers, Bubblicious Strawberry Energy may also be making a comeback. Both flavors are considered limited time offerings.

The only way to secure a can today is to download the GHOST App.

Final Takeaway

This flavor is easily top five for me, maybe top three of GHOST Energy flavors. I loved the powder, and I loved the energy drink. I would try to secure a can, but if you cannot head into a GNC or Kroger store to get one!

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