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Nutrex Video Teases A Re-Birth for the Brand

Nutrex Re-Birth

Nutrex Research appears to be back, per a recent video the brand dropped on their social media channels.

Nutrex Research recently announced that industry veteran Chris Waldrum, founder of Inspired Nutraceuticals, joined the team as their new Head of Brand Management and Marketing. Chris, and his team, wasted no time making noise on the brand.

The video hints at a new product launch of some sort but it isn't fully revealed. The brand also created a landing page to go along with the video.

Per the landing page, users can sign-up now to be "in the know", receive VIP discounts and get free products. 

The landing page specifically states, "We're about to launch our next generation of products to the world..."

To learn more click the button below to sign-up!

Final Takeaway

Chris is a very smart man that will drive Nutrex forward. I am excited to see what he can do with the power and money of a big company behind him.

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