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GHOST Teams with FaZe Clan on GHOST Energy

By February 17, 2023No Comments
GHOST Energy FaZe Pop

GHOST, the brand behind GHOST Energy, has officially announced their next flavor, FaZe Pop, a collaboration with gaming giant FaZe Clan, due out on February 22.

FaZe Pop will be the first collaboration of its kind for GHOST. GHOST, known famously for pioneering flavor collaborations and entertainment collaborations, will be the first brand to officially collaborate with a professional gaming team on a beverage. 

FaZe Clan is consistently ranked in the top 5 of best gaming teams in the world. GHOST got into gaming during the COVID pandemic with the launch of GHOST Gamer. Ryan Hughes and Dan Lourenco, co-founds of GHOST, are big-time gamers. The partnership made sense and the future is bright.

FaZe Pop GHOST Energy will be a bomb pop-like flavor. The flavor will be available online on 2/22/2023. "FAZE POP™" will also be hitting shelves at 7/11, Speedway Stores, Stripe Stores on 2/27/2023 and GNC on 3/2/23.

Final Takeaway

I don't now much about gaming, but what I do know is this is a cool, unique and authentic collaboration between the two brands. GHOST is big into gaming and to partner with one of the biggest gaming teams on the planet is big, but then to launch a drink dedicated to that team...awesome. G-Fuel, who owns the space, hasn't done this yet, so I am excited to see how many new doors GHOST finds itself into after this launch.

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