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Panda Supps X Black Market Labs Pre-Workout Launches

By February 20, 2023No Comments

Panda Supps and Black Market Labs are coming together on a new project for a fully loaded pre-workout. This is not Black Market Labs first rodeo with collaborating with a competing brand, however this is Panda Supps first time going dow this road.

Black Market Labs was one of the first brands to collaborate with another brand in the space. Back in 2018 the brand collaborated with Inspired Nutraceuticals to launch DVST8 STIM. Now Black Market Labs turns their attention to the upstart, rising popularity brand in Panda Supps.

The new collaboration between Panda Supps and Black Market Labs will launch on Monday, February 20th.

Panda Supps X Black Market Labs Pre-Workout

Not too often do you see two competing brands come together for an epic collaboration. As mentioned previously, this is not Black Market Labs first time, but it is for Panda Supps. Since Black Market Labs first collaboration back in 2018 we’ve seen it happen with other brands like GHOST and Raw in 2022.

The biggest question mark on this type of partnership is what do both parties bring to the table? Panda Supps is a fairly fresh/new brand, while Black Market Labs has been around for some time. The short answer is collectively they are bringing forth one of the best pre-workout supplements on paper.

Panda Supps X Black Market Labs pre-workout SFPThe formula is a 40/20 serving formula. For the purpose of this content, we are going to focus on the 22g serving size (2-scoops).

Axe and Sledge

The formula start with 10g of Citrulline Malate at a 2:1 ratio. This means that users are getting 6.67g of Citrulline to 3.3g of Malic Acid. This will help increase nitric oxide for improved blood flow and pumps, as well as improve overall performance with the use of Malic Acid.

The clinical dosage of Beta-Alanine is used at 3.2g. This buffers lactic acid and helps improve muscular endurance.

Betaine Anhydrous, which is one of the key ingredients to output, is dosed at the acceptable level of 2.5g. This can also aid in recovery.

L-Tyrosine, a nonessential amino acid responsible for improving focus, is dosed at 1g. A solid dosage of Tyrosine to improve mind-muscle connection.

Alpha-GPC, a proven choline molecule that can cross the blood-brain barrier, is dosed at the correct level of 600mg. This 600mg of Alpha-GPC will yield 300mg of active Alpha-GPC which is the amount we ideally want in any supplement.

Lion’s Mane, a mushroom, is dosed at a respectable 500mg. This is a cool ingredient that improves overall memory and focus. The downside is it is hard to flavor.

NALT, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosin is used at 500mg. This is a great dosage of NALT that, in conjunction with all the other nootropics, will aid in improving cognition.

 Choline Bitartrate, another nootropic, is dosed at 500mg. Like the other nootropics mentioned here, this will improve cognition.

Theobromine, a metabolite of caffeine, is dosed at a high amount of 350mg. The most we see this typically is 200mg. This can provide energy as well as increase body temperature and thermogenesis. It also has some nootropic effects as well.

Dendrobium Extract at a 10:1 ratio is dosed at 300mg. This ingredient has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine. Studies have shown that supplementing with Dendrobium can improve cognition, aid in blood glucose metabolism and as an anto-inflammatory.

Caffeine Anhydrous is dosed at 300mg. This is a common dosage of the synthetic form of caffeine. This is fast acting. The formula also uses natural caffeine which we touch on later.

Pink Himalayan Salt is used at 250mg. This aids in hydration and can help with pumps.

Eria Jarensis is dosed at 150mg. This ingredient has been shown to improve memory, increase energy and elevate mood. This is a standard dosage of Eria Jarensis used in supplements.

Cafe Alatus, an ingredient used in Black Market Labs pre-workouts, is dosed at 100mg. This is a natural caffeine source from coffee bean. This bring the total caffeine to 400mg.

Velvet Bean Extract is dosed at 50mg. This can elevate mood and help aid in cognition.

AstraGin from Nuliv Science is used at 50mg to aid with absorption.

The formula is stacked on paper. The main focus of this pre0-workout collaboration is energy and focus, but has aspects of output, performance and blood flow.

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Final Takeaway

On paper this thing is stacked. This is the kind of pre-workout that I would love. A boat load of nootropics combined with performance, blood flow and energy. Although there is 400mg of total caffeine, 100mg comes from coffee bean which hits differently, in my opinion. The 300mg caffeine anhydrous will hit quick but it will also elevate the nootropics. The one thing I am wondering about is there too much nootropics? Not sure, but a self-test will determine that. Overall I think the formula is one of the best on the market for improving the mind-muscle connection.

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