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GHOST and FaZe Clan Officially Release New GHOST Energy Flavor Faze-Up

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GHOST, the brand behind GHOST Energy, has officially released their next flavor, FaZe Up, another exciting collaboration with gaming giant FaZe Clan.

FaZe Up is the second big time collaboration of its kind for GHOST. GHOST, known famously for pioneering flavor collaborations and entertainment collaborations, was the first brand to officially collaborate with a professional gaming team on a beverage, and now they are releasing another exciting flavor.

FaZe Up GHOST Energy is a citrus-like flavor(similar to the famous citrus soda we all love). This flavor is available in the US ONLY as of right now.

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Final Takeaway on GHOST Energy

As a big time gamer and after spending a few years being a professional streamer I can say that FaZe Clan always goes above and beyond. Just like when they teamed up with GHOST last time I expect big things from this flavor. Im a huge fan of citrus flavored drinks so we are extremely excited about this!

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