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GHOST Gamer Confirmed with Flavors and Main Ingredients

By December 31, 2019No Comments

GHOST is officially getting into the gaming niche. We hear rumors earlier this year of a potential GHOST gaming product, it’s now official. GHOST confirmed via their YouTube channel that GHOST Gamer will be coming out sometime soon in 2019.

The brand also confirmed at least two flavors of GHOST Gamer. GHOST Gamer will feature the authentic flavor collaborations of Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish. To the gamer community, this is an attractive feature.

GHOST also confirmed two of the main ingredients in the formula. GHOST Gamer will feature Nutrition 21’s nooLVL. nooLVL is the first dietary ingredient of its kind to be clinically studied in eSports athletes in an effort to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. Clinical research has shown that a single dose of nooLVL can significantly improve processing speed, executive function, energy and accuracy. nooLVL will be dosed at the clinically researched dosage of 1.6g.

GHOST Gamer will also feature 500mg of Cognizin. Cognizin is a stimulant free nootropic which improves brain function. The clinically accepted dosage of Cognizin is 250-500mg. Many of the popular pre-workout powders that utilize Cognizine use it at the 250mg.

To put this into a cost perspective, the dosage of Cognizin in GHOST Gamer alone costs more than over 50% of the gaming formulas on the market today.

GHOST Gamer will be available early 2020.

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Fitness Informant's POV

Candidly I am not much of a gamer anymore, but Gerhard is. We will be doing a full breakdown of this product when it comes out - testing it in actual gaming scenarios.

We can tell you that we are BIG fans of nooLVL. We have used that as a stand-alone for awhile.

Although this will be named GHOST Gamer, it is a nootropic formula with mild energy that can be used by those outside the gaming niche.

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