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GHOST Announces Sonic Ocean Water and Cherry Limeade For Gamer

ghost gamer

GHOST is back, and boy are they starting off the year hot. Fresh off of the launch of GHOST Energy SPK Blue Raspberry, here they are to make an even bigger splash. The title holder of Brand of the Year, as well as Product of the Year in GHOST Gamer... Dan and Ryan have just teased the supplement and gaming world with a new Sonic flavor, as well as an expansion of another one.

With the first episode of "Building The Brand", we see Ryan Hughes show off and announce two new flavors of GHOST Gamer. The first reveal was that Sonic Cherry Limeade, which is already in Legend as well as Amino V2, is coming to GHOST Gamer. That's already cool, but they just announced Ocean Water as a new flavor coming to GHOST Gamer.

Gamer already has an impressive lineup of flavors. Swedish Fish, SPK Raspberry, Peach, and Sour Warheads Watermelon are already all great on their own, but now we have even more greatness coming.

While no official date, we can expect this to drop in the near future. Gamer is our reigning champ for Product of the Year, and they really are making a headway in the gaming space, without it coming off as a cash grab like some other brands do.

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Final Takeaway

Gerhard is our resident semi-professional gamer and he himself saw the impact GHOST Gamer had on his community. Gamer was one of the first supplements to step up and try to take a piece of the pie from G-Fuel. When gyms closed and the world stopped, GHOST pivoted and launched Gamer to be relevant in a world that needed it.

With this being G's favorite product, be sure to stay tuned for his thoughts on the flavor, as we are sure we will be trying it out here in the near future.

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