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A Quick Look At The GHOST Greens Label

ghost greens

With the launch of GHOST Greens set to take place next week on the 22nd, we thought we’d take a look at the upcoming GHOST Greens product. GHOST won our 2019 Brand of the Year Award, and it looks like they are on their way to try to reclaim that prize. With Greens products becoming more popular, GHOST is certainly looking to make a statement with their upcoming product.

ghost greensTo start, GHOST Greens has a transparent label. While this may seem commonplace in pre-workouts these days, it is still a relatively new concept for the Greens category, and we have to give them props for doing so. The product contains two separate blends, one being  GHOST Fruits+Vegetables, and the other being the GHOST Gut Health. Each contain their own separate blends and we will go over each.

The first blend is your actual “greens” blend. It has a a variety of greens that you’d expect it to contain. Including Kale at 1390mg, Organic Spirulina at 500mg, Organic Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella at 500mg, and of course some Organic Wheat Grass at 500mg. There are others such as Broccoli, but we love the additions of Spirulina and Chlorella, as they are great sources of Chlorophyll, which has been shown in animal studies to be beneficial for ridding the body of heavy metals.

You also get a “reds” blend called “Antioxidant Reds” This is another blend which is fully transparent, and gets you 2200mg of reds.Some of the ingredients include Acai Juice Powder, Pomegranate Juice Powder, as well as Organic Goji Berry Powder. This blend has a total of 9 separate ingredients with the amounts listed.

The next ingredient is Spectra™, which is a trademarked blend of fruits, vegetables, and herbs which provides antioxidants. It is gaining in popularity and is great to see in here. At 100mg, it is dosed well.

Now we get to the Gut Health portion of GHOST Greens which starts us off with Inulin. Inulin is a popular prebiotic giber and it comes from Chicory Root. Probiotics create an optimal environment for healthy gut bacteria to thrive. Which is great, because GHOST’s next part of this blend contains 10 Billion CFUs of Probiotics. The amount of cultures from each separate probiotic strain are listed as well, which is something not many brands do. 

Finally we come to BioCore® Optimum Elite, which is a trademarked digestive enzyme blend and of course, is transparent. Enzymes break down food in the body, and it makes sense to have them in a gut health product.

Overall, the profile looks better than a lot of other brands out there, and the lack of a proprietary blends is helping set a new standard for the industry. Of course some other brands are already doing this, but it is certainly not common as of yet.

With that said, we also have something to go over. Not only is the profile solid, but GHOST will be planting a tree for every tub of GHOST Greens sold for their launch. Something we will get into for the launch deal. So stay tuned!

Final Takeaway

Even though GHOST is not the first brand to launch a greens product without a proprietary blend, we still like them doing this, as it is not common in the industry for this category as of yet. The product on its own looks great, and if you're a GHOST fan and want a greens product, this is certainly for you. Taste is great as well!

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