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Preview of Revive MD Lipid

Revive MD Lipid

Revive MD is set to add another product to their lineup. Revive MD is a brand that really cares about your overall health, and we now know they are going to be launching a product meant to aid in overall cholesterol levels. 

We have the profile here and will go over it, but rest assured, we will have an in-depth breakdown of the profile, as well as a video explainer in the near future. Either way, let’s dive into the profile and get this going. 

Revive MD Lipid LabelTo start, we have 2 grams of Beta-Sitosterol. This ingredient is popular in prostate formulas, and has some studies showing it to be effective for lowering LDL cholesterol as well. Following this, we get a Citrus Bergamot. Revive MD actually has a standalone Citrus Bergamot product, but for those looking for perhaps something with more benefits, Revive MD Lipid is certainly a product to consider. Citrus Bergamot has been shown in multiple human studies to be beneficial for lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad kind). You’re getting 1.5 grams in Lipid, which is 3 times the amount of the aforementioned study. 

Next we have Pantethine and Artichoke. Pantethine is a derivative of Vitamins B5, and has some backing to it in regards to lowering LDL cholesterol. You’re getting a full gram in here, which is a great dose. As for the Artichoke, it is typically seen in liver products due to it potentially being hepatoprotective, however it may be beneficial for heart health as well. You get 500mg of it in Lipid.

Finally you get Trans-Resveratrol and Bilberry. Resveratrol is a known as an antioxidant, and is typically found in grapes. It is actually why they say red wine can be good for heart health. You’re getting 200mg at a 20% standardization, which is a solid dose. As for the Bilberry, it is typically used for eye health and has antioxidant properties, it may have some heart health benefits as well.

While there is no set release date, Revive MD Lipid looks to be a a great option for people looking to take care of their heart health. Be sure to stay tuned for the launch date, as well as an in-depth breakdown of the profile as well as an explainer video.

Final Takeaway

The older we get here on FI, the more we care about our health. We have a confession to make. Even with all of the fun pre-workouts and pump products we get here, we seem to get more excited when we know these are on the way. Sometimes, we have to remember that we are human, and that health should come before aesthetics.

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