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GHOST Launches New Hydration Stick Flavors

By October 4, 2023No Comments
ghost hydration sticks

GHOST has officially doubled their line up in their Hydration stick packs. Adding the fan favorite Sonic Cherry Limeade flavor, and Ghost's own Lemon Crush. These two new flavors will be joining Sour Patch Redberry, and Sour Patch Blue Raspberry hydration sticks.

With having the convenience of having hydration on the go you will find each bag of packets containing 24 single serve packets. This making it easy to pack, travel, and keep hydrated with during fall sports in full swing or just having a tasty drink on the go.

GHOST has officially launched these two flavors on their website as Sonic Cherry Lime is a US only, however Lemon Crush is available globally. GHOST will also be officially releasing these exclusively to GNC starting 10/15, however some stores may receive these early (Check with your local store for more details). 

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Final Takeaway

With trying both of these flavors I am very impressed as I don't feel like I'm drinking electrolytes at all. Very prominent and good, tasty flavor. This is my first time trying a Sonic collab flavor and the Cherry Limeade did not disappoint. I was absolutely intrigued to try the Lemon Crush flavor as it is supposed to be a mix or lemon and orange. I LOVED this flavor very refreshing and will always be in my cabinet. 

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