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GHOST Launches New Intra Product in Three Flavors


GHOST is celebrating eight years in business with the launch of their new product Intra. GHOST Intra is a full essential amino acid product featuring 10g EAAs (with 6g from 2:1:1 BCAAs), hydration and focus elements. Intra is launching with three flavors: Blue Raspberry, Orange Squeeze and the authentic Welch's Grape flavor.

The new Intra products will be available on and at GNC. This is a global launch for GHOST's website and app. This is a new everyday offering.

For a quick recap of the formula please read our article here.

In addition the the launch of Intra, GHOST is offering many birthday specials. Using code ghostbday users can get 25% off sitewide! For all US orders, you will receive a free can of GHOST EDC Electric Limeade. GHOST is also offering free gift tiers based on spend and an all new apparel drop.

Use code INFORMANT to save 20% every day!

Final Takeaway on GHOST Birthday

First off I have to extend a huge congrats to Dan, Ryan and the entire GHOST team for what they have done over the past eight years. They championed the model for transparency, authenticity, branding and quality. They truly are living out their DNA through sports nutrition and beverage.

The new Intra is a great product that will help aid you through workouts with proper recovery, hydration and focus. Take advantage of these offers as they are the biggest deals you will get on the brand.

Congrats GHOST. I tip my hat to you all.

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