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GHOST Leaks Its Upcoming Bubblicious Collab

ghost legend

GHOST is back yet again, and this time it is another flavor collaboration. Yesterday, the GHOST IG teased an pink tub and mentioned the words “bubblegum” and “collaboration”. This was also paired with a bunch of their influencers posting stories of them blowing big bubbles with bubblegum. 

The new flavor was actually leaked through their texting app, which you can find a link to on their Instagram account. This app let’s you text directly with the GHOST crew. We’ll post the leaked picture below.

Well now we finally have an answer as to what bubblegum brand has teamed up with GHOST. That brand is of course Bubblicious Bubblegum, and the flavor GHOST is going with is Strawberry Splash.

While we do not have a set launch date, it is certainly being released in the near future, and should do well. With most other bubble gum flavors being off the mark, we know that if anyone is going to do it right, it will be GHOST.

Stay tuned for an official launch date! ghost legend

Final Takeaway

We have a confession to make... we have been using this tub for about a month now, and it is already one of our favorite flavors from GHOST, maybe even our favorite to be quite honest. We weren't sure if they were going to launch this due to the world being the way it is, but now that we know it's coming out we are excited to see how it does. This is certainly worth grabbing if you really want a bubblegum flavored pre-workout!

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