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NutraBio Launches TUDCA Product

NutraBio is back, this time they have launched a new health supplement. The product being launched is TUDCA, an ingredient that is already popular for liver health.

The new TUDCA product will come give you 251mg total of tauroursodeoxycholic acid. The bottle will have the lot number right on the front of the bottle, where you can find the 3rd party testing  for the product. 

TUDCA is a bile acid and has been shown in multiple studies to help with liver health.

NutraBio tudca

Final Takeaway

Nice addition to the lineup. While it is not the highest dosed TUDCA product on the market, at least you have the NutraBio backing to it. There are a lot of bad quality TUDCA products on the market, but with NB, you can find your 3rd party testing. They have nothing to hide, which is why we recommend this product. 

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