GHOST Legend x Christian Guzman V3 Launch Date & Label

GHOST Legend x Christian Guzman V3

GHOST has announced their third collaboration with Christian Guzman for Legend V3. Guzman, a staple in the GHOST family, wanted to approach this version a bit differently than the ones in the past. While the predecessors were 30-servings that contained a serving size in the teens, V3 will be a 20-serving that contains a serving size in the 30s (31g to be exact).

GHOST Legend Christian Guzman V3 LabelThis is the most loaded formula put out by the GHOST brand in their existence. The pre-workout will be one of the first products ever to feature CarnoPrime, which masks the paraesthesia feeling (tingly feeling) many people experience with Beta-Alanine. Because the GHOST is using CarnoPrime, they upped the dosage of Beta-Alanine to a massive 6.4g!

In addition to the use of CarnoPrime, GHOST is hitting you hard with cognitive enhancement ingredients. GHOST is adding 1,200mg of Alpha-GPC! This yields 50% Alpha-GPC giving you an active dosage of 600mg. While most companies on the market give you 300mg or 600mg yielding 50%, GHOST is going above and beyond. In addition of Alpha-GPC, GHOST is adding 100mg NeuroFactor, which may improve BDNF which can lead to increased learning ability and memorization. 

GHOST Legend X Christian Guzman V3 will also feature the use of Betaine Nitrates. There will a total of 2.5g Betaine used in the formula with 1.25g coming from Betaine Nitrate. The remaining will be 700mg of Nitrates for pumps. GHOST also is packing this version with 6g pure L-Citrulline and and 2g of GlycerSize (formally known as GlycerPump).

The use of stimulants in V3 is higher than the original Legend. GHOST Legend X Christian Guzman V3 will feature 274mg of total caffeine with 200mg coming from Caffeine Anhydrous and 74mg coming from Di-Caffeine Malate. Bitter Orange aka Synephrine is also used at a good dosage of 60mg.

GHOST Legend X Christian Guzman V3 will also feature two other key ingredients. Taurine is used at a hefty dosage of 2g. GHOST also uses double the standard dosage of AstraGin at 100mg for increased absorption.

GHOST Legend X Christian Guzman V3 will be available in Lemon Lime and will go on-sale at noon on Thursday, June 13th.

Fitness Informant’s POV

Seeing this on paper makes me smile. I got a chance to try a variation of this several months ago (it wasn’t this exact formula I do not believe) but it was amazing. The use of CarnoPrime really did dial down the paraesthesia from the Beta-Alanine. You still felt some, but not nearly as much as you would with a dosage of 6.4g that you are getting with this.

Most of you who read my POVs know how much I love Alpha-GPC. This is the highest dosage of Alpha-GPC I have seen in a pre-workout. This, in combination with NeuroFactor and the stims, should give you some of the best focus you’ve ever had in the gym.

This is the most impressive formula I have seen from the brand in the pre-workout category, by far. I hear that they barely had room for the scoop because there are so much ingredients in the tub. The team at GHOST is going to be sending us a bottle for review. We cannot wait.

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