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Sparta Nutrition Launching Jen Selter Signature Line of Supplements

Sparta Nutrition and Jen Selter

Sparta Nutrition has reached a deal with one of Forbes Magazine’s top fitness influencers Jen Selter to make her the brand’s official global spokesperson. This is the first major signing by Sparta Nutrition in the brand’s existence.

Jen SelterThe deal with Jen Selter will not only make her the brand’s official spokesperson, it will also feature a Jen Selter signature series of supplements under the Sparta Nutrition umbrella. These products are currently in development. The Jen Selter Signature Series will be available as part of Sparta Nutrition’s exclusive GNC partnership. Sparta Nutrition commented on the future line:

Together, the two parties will work together to develop a unique, world-class innovative product that will optimize health without sacrificing taste.

Jen Selter had been in talks with multiple companies regarding a potential Jen Selter signature line of supplements, but she ultimately choose Sparta Nutrition:

I have been offered many deals by companies who have only wanted to aggregate my 38+ million followers, conversely, Sparta Nutrition understands the importance of integrity with not only their products, but relationships.

As of this writing, Jen Selter has 12.8 million followers on Instagram, 9 million likes on facebook and 1.2 million followers on Instagram, with many more coming via SnapChat.

There is no ETA on when the signature series of supplements will be availabe in GNC. Sign-up below to get notified for more info when it comes available.

Fitness Informant’s POV

Social media influencers are changing the industry. Jen Selter is just another example of a brand recognizing an opportunity to expand their reach through influence marketing. We just seen this with Arms Race Nutrition partnering with Julian Smith (1.2 million followers) to launch the brand. Jen Selter has 10x the amount of followers of Julian and is getting her own line with Sparta Nutrition.

One thing some people may remember about Sparta Nutrition is when they debuted on the scene they were “hardcore.” They have since rebranded, dropped their “hardcore” line of supplements and are more of an all-inclusive brand. The one area they may have been missing out on is the female demographic. With Jen Selter on board, that will change.

You look at what Katy Hearn has with Alani Nu for GNC. That brand has absolutely blown up to be the best new brand on 2019 at the GNC. Having a strong, influential woman on your team is never a bad thing. Sparta Nutrition got just that.

I know Sparta’s leadership team personally, they are good dudes with a branding vision much bigger than dietary supplements. In fact, that whole family thinks that way. I think this is a smart move by the brand that will reap the rewards through ROI.

With Sparta’s re-brand and new product focus, including a Keto line, this makes total sense to me. Based on the statement from Sparta, it looks like that first product line could be a protein of some sort since they mention taste. They also refer to Jen Selter as their Chief Taste Officer, so it will be interesting to see what they come out with.

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