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Olympus Lyfestyle Launch Party at EDM Music Festival

Olympus Lyfestyle EDM Muscle Festival

After a bit of a hiatus, it appears Olympus Labs is back making noise, only this time they it appears they are referring to themselves as Olympus Lyfestyle. In an email received from Olympus Labs, they informed their subscribers that they are having a launch party June 14-15 at the Esscalation Music Festival, an EDM music festival in Queens, NY.

The email to subscribers included a link to a custom landing page that laid out the details of the launch party. The launch party takes place at the Esscalation Music Festival June 14-15 from 9pm-4am. 

Olympus Lyfestyle published via the webpage:

Here at Olympus Lyfestyle, we do not see you as an 'audience' but rather as individuals that have their own unique story. We want to promote this uplifting vibe created through music and fitness to elevate your story so it may inspire others; thus, continuing the cycle of inspiration.

It appears that Olympus Labs is reinventing itself to combine high energy music and fitness into one brand. Nothing else was shared via the email or the landing page. Let the speculation begin.

Fitness Informant's POV

It appears Olympus Labs is a thing of the past, as the landing page featured 95% Olympus Lyfestyle verbiage and graphics. The email stated that they are taking everything that we love about their products and giving them a whole new "lyfestyle."

I am not 100% sure if Olympus Labs is going to go by the new name Olympus Lyfestyle, or if this is more of a movement, but if I had to guess it appears they are moving forward as if that is their new brand name.

Olympus Labs (Lyfestyle) has been through a lot over the past several years. If this is, in fact, a re-brand of the company, it would be their 2nd in the past two years and I believe 3rd overall in their existence.

If you remember, we did see some graphics back in the day of Levels, a new pre-workout from the brand. If Olympus Lyfestyle is the name we hope they keep their innovative edge to them. If Levels becomes a real product, then it appears they are keeping that streak of innovation and excitement alive.

Very unique, cool stuff from the brand. I am waiting to hear more. Once I do, you will be the first to know.

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