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GHOST Launches Upgraded Legend Formula in the EU/UK

By October 13, 2021No Comments

GHOST has significantly upgraded their pre-workout supplement, Legend, in the EU/UK. The upgraded version will feature a more loaded formula in delicious flavors that will closely match the US version.

GHOST Legend EU/UK LabelGHOST has decided to make the following changes to their Legend formula:

  • Increased Beta Alanine by 1.2G, now having 3.2g total
  • Increased Theobromine by 50mg, now having 100mg
  • Increased Nitrosigine® by 750mg, now having 1.5g
  • Switched to a Natural Caffeine source (from Coffee Bean) at 250mg
  • Added ingredient Senactiv® at 50mg
  • Added Tyrosine at 1,000mg
  • Added Alpha GPC at 300mg
  • Added AstraGin at 50mg

GHOST Legend EU/UK V2 will be available in Welch’s Grape, Warheads Sour Watermelon, Peach and Blue Raspberry.

GHOST Legend EU/UK will be a 25/50 serving pre-workout.

The only difference between the US version and the EU/UK version is the US version has 1.5mg Rauwolfia and the EU/UK version has Neurofactor (Neurofactor is in the Maxx Chewning edition thought).

Final Takeaway

Many people in the outside world don't know about compliance issues overseas. GHOST wanted to upgrade their formula but also had to ensure it was compliant, and based on what we see here on paper, this is a home run of a formula for our friends across the pond. You can't get much closer to the US version. Well done.

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