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GHOST Legend V2 and Pump V2 Now Available

Well, the day has finally come, and this one has been one of the most anticipated drops of the year. GHOST Legend V2 and GHOST Pump V2 are now officially available on the GHOST website.

This day has been long-awaited, as it has been teased and broken down through various platforms, as well as on the GHOST website. The formula is certainly an update from the original, and be sure to check out the profile breakdown here

Legend V2 and PUMP V2 will come with new flavors, such as Peach for GHOST Legend V2, and “Natty” for GHOST Pump V2. While many critisized the original Legend for having some underdosed ingredients, the new formula has clinical dosing, interesting ingredients such as Nitrosigine®, and is certainly a viable option.

Be sure to snag one, as GHOST products tend to sell out quickly, and be sure to use coupon code INFORMANT to save an additional 20% off. 

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT To Save 20%

Final Takeaway

Well, the day has finally come, and we now have two updated products from GHOST. While Legend needed an update, Pump was already a solid option, however the new one looks just as good if not better. We are excited to see how this plays out, although we know it will be a hit on the market, especially with how well GHOST has been doing. With gyms opening back up across the country, this is a great time to stock up.

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