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GHOST Launches Legend V3 Pre-Workout

GHOST Legend V3

GHOST Legend V3 has arrived. GHOST Legend V3 is available now in five flavors with several changes.

We discussed these changes in the new GHOST Legend V3 in more detail here. The updated GHOST Legend V3 pre-workout updates several of the ingredients being used, most notably moving away from Alpha-GPC for compliance purposes and electing to go with a combination of Neurofactor and VitaCholine. GHOST also removed Senactiv and Rauwolfia. The removal of Rauwolfia and Alpha-GPC makes GHOST Legend V3 globally compliant, no longer having the need for two different formulas.

GHOST Legend V3 will also be a 30-serving container versus the pre-existing 25-serving. Users will get five more servings per unit for the same price.

GHOST Legend V3 is available now in Blue Raspberry, Warheads Sour Watermelon, Sour Patch Kids Redberry, Sonic Cherry Limeade and the new flavor Lemon Crush.

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Final Takeaway

This new formula, in my opinion, will be just as impactful and effective as the V2 formula. I am all for global compliance, and although I like Alpha-GPC, I understand the switch from it and I like Neurofactor and VitaCholine combination. We have tried the Lemon Crush flavor and it is tremendous.

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