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Glaxon Launches Martian Mango Flavor in Four Products

Glaxon martian mango

Glaxon is getting in the Cinco De Mayo mood by launching a new flavor, Martian Mango, across four of their popular products.

Martian Mango, the brand's version of mango, will be launching in three pre-workouts, Specimen Max, Specimen Genesis and Plasm Surge, as well as the brand's sleep aid, Tranquility.

This is a limited time offering from Glaxon. Once their production run is gone, it will be gone.

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Final Takeaway

I am a big fan of mango flavors. We will be posting our flavor review over at our official Instagram channel (@FitnessInformant) once we get the shipment in. These are great products, formulated extremely well. Glaxon does flavoring really well too.

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