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GHOST X Rob Lipsett Whiskey Sour Legend Coming Soon

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GHOST Legend Whiskey Sour

It’s been in the works for awhile and now the world knows. GHOST is collaborating with their athlete Rob Lipsett to bring us a special limited edition flavor of GHOST Legend. GHOST X Rob Lipsett Whiskey Sour will be coming the the popular pre-workout very soon.

This is not the first time GHOST has done a collaboration with their athletes. GHOST and Christian Guzman have launched three pre-workouts. The last collaboration on Legend was with Maxx Chewning in GHOST Legend Strawberry Daiquiri and Mango Margarita. The new Rob Lipsett collaboration follows suit with the alcohol based flavors.

It is not known yet if this formula will be different from the everyday Legend, but we do know that Chewning’s Legend had a slightly different formula. We would venture to guess that this would be slightly different as well.

GHOST is not the first brand to do a whiskey flavored pre-workout. Axe and Sledge launched their whiskey inspired pump and EAA product called Whiskey & Cola which is doing very well across the nation.

No timetable on the launch of Whiskey Sour Legend, but sign-up below for an alert when more becomes available.

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Final Takeaway

I have a feeling this won't be for me, although I am a fan of whiskey sours. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. I do know the team was working on this flavor when we went to Chicago in January to award the team with their 2019 Brand of the Year award. Time will tell how this will stack up, but I am sure it will generate enough buzz to get a sellout, fast.

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